MESSAGE!   22. Female. W3iirdo. Aspiring graphic designer. Stoner. Alcholic. I love girls & girls love me. Outgoing when I wanna be. Baltimore has my heart but Harlem is where I lay my head.




Lisa Bonet
Born November 16, 1967 (age 46)


this woman is almost as old as my mom, but if she asked

I’d tear it up!!

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Praise be to the gods of summer and heat for the most valued and eternal blessing that is a fat ass in a sundress

see that ass clap when they walk. make my damn knees wobble

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"Who the fuck is you to me?"
1. used in response to someone or their actions to denote unwarranted behavior. 2. used in reference to someone having no jurisdiction in the subject of convo or person of interest. E.g. "Hey, you shouldn’t talk to your brother like that." "Nigga, who the fuck is you to me?
see also; "you don’t know me like that" African American Proverb (via blackproverbs)

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Anonymous asked: I'm white and I guess we want to be black because it looks so fun! Like your parties and style and slang are so cool







Does slavery look fun?
Does employment discrimination look fun?
Does having an innate mistrust for law enforcement look fun?
Does being followed around stores look fun?
Does having a white woman clutch her purse as she walks by you look fun?
Does having white people not stop to help you as you ask for directions look fun?
Does stop and frisk look fun?
See, being black is not all about the “Turn Up Function” as you all like to call it. You all want to take the good from us and just leave us with the bad. Let us keep the little bit of fun we have. Maybe we show the fuck out at the function because we deal with so much bullshit every other day.




well there you go

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it has been predicted.. now we wait o.o


it has been predicted.. now we wait o.o

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Dave Chappelle’s social commentary was always on a thousand.

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